Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Dubai areas where school fees are lowest

Deira, which hosts 18 schools, is considered to be the lowest priced area in relation to school costs, averaging Dh169,345 (for all year groups),...

Sartorial Chic

An Interview with French model and actress  Aymeline Valade. What is your relationship with fashion/style? I like to think that it is a healthy one (smiles)....

World’s rarest diamonds come to Dubai

When it comes to high-end jewellery, diamond enthusiasts at the second day of the Dubai Diamond Conference 2017, were treated to the sight of...

No VAT on sale and purchase of shares in UAE

Value-added tax (VAT) will not be applicable on the sale and purchase of share transactions conducted by investors in UAE stock markets, said a...

UAE man to get $Dh1 million in radar fines

Excessive speeding, overtaking on the hard shoulder and driving recklessly can land a driver with hefty fines. But one driver in particular broke so many...

Saudi royal seeks $85 million for Beverly Hills compound

A second-generation member of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family is seeking a buyer for his 6.7-acre compound in Beverly Hills, the Wall Street Journal reported....

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