A Sanctuary in the Center of New York City

Gulf Insider stays at 1 Hotel Central Park

New York City is one of the world’s great cities – in size, sophistication, and dynamism. For many travellers from the Middle East, the city feels like home thanks to its cosmopolitan and diverse population. While public transportation in the city is easily accessible and regular, for those wishing to visit Central New York and seeking to best experience all it has to offer (not least its food, shopping hubs, and vibrant culture), it’s ideal and convenient to find a place to stay right in the heart of the city. Thereby, saving time in travelling from outside the central metropolis.

We, at Gulf Insider, were lucky enough to visit New York this August and stay at the centrally located 1 Hotel Central Park. Not only is this a beautiful hotel in itself, its convenient location, just one block and less than a three-minute walk from one of Central Park’s main entrances makes this property an ideal place to stay.

First, I’d like to say something about Central Park which perhaps, more than any other feature, makes the hustling and bustling city of New York livable for its inhabitants. After exploring the massive and beautifully maintained Park, it’s both amazing and impressive that such a large green area has been preserved and protected in the middle of what must be the world’s most valuable real estate.

Image Credits: Jermaine Ee

During our stay at the 18-story 1 Hotel, each morning would begin with a leisurely walk or bicycle ride around the city – New York has public bicycles which you can easily hire using your credit card from the hundreds of automated pick-up and drop-off spots.

Back to the hotel – it has a ‘living vertical garden’ covering three of its floors. This boutique hotel does not have a swimming pool, though it has a well-equipped 24-hour gym. The warm and friendly staff seemed to greet all guests walking into their hotel with a ‘welcome home!’

Image Credits: 1 Hotel Central Park

Inside the hotel (and outside by the entrance), there were a lot of plants and greenery. I would notice particularly juicy and succulent apples and pears by the lift in the lobby each morning and it had become a daily habit to pick one up on my way out. 

The busy restaurant, Jams, on the ground floor of the hotel was a hub for office-goers to hang out in the early evenings. Back in my room, I had a comfortable window nook which was an ideal spot to stretch out and look over New York with a cup of coffee.

Overall, I enjoyed the downtime at 1 Hotel Central Park after touring a busy, crowded, and active New York City. While it’s not far from all the hubs and happenings, the hotel’s calm, friendly, and cozy environment makes for a pleasant stay. If you are in the city, I would recommend a stay at 1 Hotel Central Park.

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