10 Indian Expats Die Everyday In Gulf Countries

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In a shocking disclosure, a human rights group has said that over the past six years, 10 Indian workers died every day in the Gulf countries, according to The Indian Express.

There are more than 30 million Indians overseas, with over 9 million concentrated in the six Gulf nations.

A total of 28,523 Indian nationals died in the Gulf countries of the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in the last four years, the Lok Sabha was told on Wednesday.

The highest number of deaths of Indian nationals was recorded in Saudi Arabia between 2014-2018 at 12,828 followed by the UAE at 7,877, Minister of State at the External Affairs Ministry V K Singh told the Lok Sabha in response to a question.

About 1,021 deaths of Indian nationals between 2014-2018 was recorded in Bahrain while 2,932 deaths were recorded in Kuwait.

About 2,564 deaths of Indian nationals were recorded in Oman while 1,301 deaths were recorded in Qatar, he said.

The highest number of deaths in these Gulf countries in the last four years was recorded in 2016 when 6,013 Indian nationals died followed by 2017 when 5,906 Indian nationals died in these countries.


Source Credit: Times of India


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