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10,917 Violate Labor, Residency, Border Laws in Saudi Arabia

Inspection raids were carried out through joint field security campaigns to arrest violators of residency, labor and border security laws across the Kingdom.

The raid campaign, from June 13-19, led to the arrest of 10,917 violators, including 6,969 arrests related to residency law, 2,967 related to border security, and 981 related to labor law.

The total number of people arrested while trying to cross the border into the Kingdom reached 1,100, of whom 26 percent were Yemeni nationals, 72 percent were Ethiopian nationals, and 2 percent belonged to other nationalities.

In addition, 44 people were arrested while attempting to illegally cross the border out of Saudi Arabia.

One person was arrested for transporting, harboring, employing and covering up for violators of residency, work and border security regulations.


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