Saudi embassy warns Saudis of Austria’s new burqa ban

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The Saudi Embassy in Austria today alerted its citizens that Austria is about to impose a burqa ban, reports Al Hayat.

From October 1st, Austrian police will be fining women (and men) who are caught wearing clothes that obstruct their facial features. The $166 fine would also be charged to women wearing a burqa-the enveloping outer garment, and niqab-veil in universities, courts, or on public transportation.

The anti-burqa law was supported by both parties in the ruling coalition, SPÖ and ÖVP despite a political tumult that had threatened to bring down the government.

The Saudi embassy asked its citizens in Austria to obey the new law.

Austria followed Switzerland, Belgium, France, and some Spanish regions in banning the burqa and the niqab in public places, as well as other religious symbols.

The Muslim World League tweeted last week that a Muslim must respect the constitutions, laws and culture of the countries where he lives, but must claim his privacy right to the hijab-head covering as is legally possible.


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