14 Bahrainis Injured, 2 Dead in Saudi Road Accidents

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Two Bahraini families were injured in different accidents in Saudi Arabia two days ago.

The first accident occurred in Al Nayariya Governorate in the northeastern region of Saudi Arabia, which borders Kuwait.

The Bahraini family of four was rushed to the hospital after the accident. Sources said they all suffered serious injuries. “The Bahraini man, his wife, son and daughter were seriously injured in the accident. The man works as a teacher at the University of Applied Sciences.”

Sources said the driver lost control of the car and it crashed on the main highway leading from Hafr Al Batin to Dammam. “The family was rushed to Al Na’ariya General hospital and surgeries were performed on the daughter, who suffered broken ribs. The boy suffered skull injuries while both the man and his wife suffered different fractures.”

Meanwhile, family sources told Tribune that efforts are being done to transfer them to a Bahrain hospital. It is learnt that a medical team from the Kingdom has been sent to take care of the family.

The second accident occurred in Riyadh and it involved a Bahraini family of 12 from Muharraq. Two people died in the accident while 10 were seriously injured.

Sources said the family was returning to the Kingdom after performing Umrah rituals. According to the Ministry of Health, a team has been sent to Riyadh by the Emergency Committee on Accidents and Injuries Abroad.

Saudi statistics show that nearly 11,000 people get killed in traffic accidents a year across the country. In 2017, 10,961 people died in accidents and over 30,000 were seriously injured.


Source Credit: DT News


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