1,444 Private Companies Fined in UAE for Fake Emiratisation

A total of 1,444 private companies have been fined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) for faking Emiratisation between mid 2022 and June 10, 2024.

Meanwhile, around 21,000 firms have met Emiratisation targets, which represents about 90 per cent of the entities required to comply with these regulations, Al Bayan newspaper reported, citing MoHRE.

The Ministry said fake Emiratisation is not widespread and the digital control system and field follow-up efforts have addressed these violations.

Fake Emiratisation is considered a severe breach of the UAE’s labour policies, undermining the country’s sustainable development goals. The Ministry urged citizens to report any negative practices that contradict Emiratisation policies by contacting the call centre at 600590000 or through the Ministry’s smart app and website.

Fake Emiratisation involves companies formally hiring a citizen without assigning them genuine duties, merely to comply superficially with laws mandating citizen employment in the private sector. This exploitation of governmental support systems and incentives is considered a serious violation that not only undermines national employment policies but also the broader agenda of sustainable development within the UAE.

To deter such violations, the UAE introduced heavy penalties including hefty fines ranging from Dh20,000 to 100,000 per offending company, possible downgrading of the company’s industry classification, and legal actions which could involve public prosecution. Additionally, implicated individuals may be barred from the ‘Nafis’ programme for Emiratisation and required to return previously granted financial benefits.


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