15 year cap on expatriates in Kuwait proposed

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Amid increasingly louder cries to address the demographic imbalance in Kuwait, a parliamentary committee has started looking into proposals, including a 15-year cap. A proposal from the Ministry of Interior calls for ensuring that only the necessary expatriates are allowed to stay in the country and the number of expatriates do not exceed 25 per cent of the local population.

Currently, 3,150,115 expatriates live in Kuwait, constituting 69.7 per cent of the total population—Kuwaitis only make up 30.2 per cent of the population. Kuwait has already taken measures to ramp up fees for expatriates including a health fee hike which was announced in August.

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Earlier this year, Social Affairs Minister and State Minister for Economic Affairs Hind Al Subaih announced that studies had begun to reform the labour market and remove marginal workers who have no jobs and cannot secure employment.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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