1,500 Filipinos and 900 Turks Leave Kuwait

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The General Administration of Civil Aviation continued to operate the flights for expats wishing to leave the country, as yesterday the third flight left for Turkey from Kuwait International Airport carrying 348 Turks since the decision was made to stop commercial flights in the country.

The total number of Turkish citizens evacuated including yesterdays flight reached 902 passengers with 3 flights on request of Turkish authorities coordinating with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On the other hand, the illegal residents who wished to take the opportunity of amnesty set by Kuwait govt to exit without paying fines nor any expenses with a free travel ticket started to leave by Kuwaiti by Kuwait Airways flight on a Boeing 777 from Kuwait International Airport to the Philippine capital, Manila with about 322 passengers.

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Sources stated that the plane took off from the T4 passenger terminal at dawn yesterday this was a fifth flight which carried Filipino citizens after the Ministry of Interior allowed the departure of violators with a total of 1527 passengers.


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