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18-Year-Old Saudi Arrested in Najran for Killing His Sister in Front of Her Children

An 18-year-old Saudi citizen has been arrested in Najran for killing his sister in front of her own children.

The “Public Security” account of the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia made the announcement, revealing that the woman was fatally shot by her brother with a weapon in his possession.

The assailant fired eight bullets at his sister as she prepared to leave for work in broad daylight in front of her traumatised children.

While the authorities have not disclosed the identity of the victim or the perpetrator, social media activists have identified the slain woman as a 42-year-old resident of Najran.

Prompt action by the Najran police led to the arrest of the suspect, who is now in custody.

The incident has sparked widespread outrage and renewed calls for greater awareness and action to address domestic violence and ensure the safety and security of women and families across the kingdom.


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