21 Students Hospitalised After Inhaling Pesticide In Sharjah School

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Twenty-one students of a private school in Sharjah were rushed to a hospital on Wednesday after inhaling pesticide that was sprayed in their classroom.

Police said 21 pupils from Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School in Al Azra fell ill after inhaling the fumes but have since recovered.

“Immediate action was taken to ensure the pupils were checked and given necessary treatment,” police said.

Some were taken to Al Qassimi Hospital with “minor injuries” but have since been discharged. It is believed two people are still under observation for pesticide poisoning at the hospital.

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The private school had been fumigated the night before by a private pest control company.

Civil defence were called to the school at 8.20am and evacuated the building, an official from Sharjah’s civil defence told The National.

“Teams from two civil defence centres rushed to the school and arrived within five minutes,” he added.

The school was evacuated of almost 500 pupils and closed by police until it could be deemed safe. Parents were also notified.

Investigations are underway.

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