2,221 non-Saudi employees in public sector terminated

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DAMMAM — The Ministry of Civil Service terminated the contracts of 2,221 non-Saudi employees last year. It meanwhile signed contracts with 895 other foreigners.

The ministry said 53,353 public sector employees, including 3,910 females, received promotions last year.

The ministry said a number of incidents were recorded during the year, Al-Hayat newspaper reported.

The ministry said it compiled complete data of all public sector employees to follow up on all matters pertaining to their career from appointment, including leave, transfer, promotion or extension of service.

In its annual report, the ministry said during the past year it had worked on job evaluation and analysis by following up the job classification plan and the classification and evaluation of qualification programs in order to make sure that they suit the administrative conditions and requirements.

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Analytical studies were conducted of jobs not included in the job classification manual based on requests and inquiries from government agencies and departments to determine the suitability of conditions and qualifications for those jobs.

The number of cases studied has reached 80, the ministry said, adding that it has been constantly monitoring the new job classification index.

The report said the ministry has studied and identified the areas of work suitable for candidates holding bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in various sciences from from foreign universities.

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The ministry introduced seven new functional grades and raised the functional grade of a number of jobs as well as the minimum qualifications for some jobs.

The ministry said that 5,090 employees were issued transfer approval during the year.

On employment of non-Saudis, the ministry said in the health sector 1,814 contracts were terminated during the year. At the same time, 680 non-Saudis were hired anew in the sector. It said 336 faculty members and lecturers were terminated while 205 new contracts were signed. Nineteen non-Saudi employees in the general education sector were also terminated while six new non-Saudis were hired.

Source Credit: Saudi gazette


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