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225 Pilgrims Treated For Heat Stress And Fatigue On Second Day Of Hajj

Some 225 cases of pilgrims suffering from heat stress and fatigue had been treated at the Medical Center for Heat Exhaustion and Sunstroke in Makkah, the Saudi Press Agency said early Sunday.

The cases were reported on Saturday, the second day of Hajj, when pilgrims ascended Mount Arafat to ask God for mercy, blessings, prosperity and good health.

The ritual at Mount Arafat, known as the Hill of Mercy, is considered the peak of the Hajj pilgrimage. 

The center, affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, has 20 beds equipped with the latest devices to deal with cases of heat stress and sunstroke.

It is also equipped with an air and water spray distribution system through sprinklers covering all parts of the injured person’s body, in addition to clinics for men and women and a pharmacy.

Saudi officials had earlier advised pilgrims to wear umbrellas and keep themselves hydrated, and to take rest periods between rituals to avoid heat fatigue. 

The National Center for Meteorology had forecasted that temperatures in Makkah will range between 45 degrees Celsius and 48 degrees Celsius, from hot to very hot, with little rain potential.


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