3 Asians caught in Dubai for smuggling Dh4m gold in their stomach

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The Dubai Police arrested a gang that stole Dh4 million worth of gold and hid it in their stomachs. The CID has arrested a three-man Asian gang who burglarized four villas. The thieves wrapped the gold and put it in their stomach by inserting them from their behinds.

The police found that the thieves broke into doors and the villas’ safe to steal the gold. Authorities issued an alert to UAE exit points to prevent them from escaping after learning that they are still in the country. The police managed to identify the three Asians after learning that they were planning to escape. Dubai Police caught them while they were packing their belongings.

Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander in Chief of the Dubai Police for criminal investigation praised the police officials who traced the gang quickly and discovered the method in stealing the gold. The police officials who noticed the suspect’s dubious movements and suspected that there was something not normal with them. Al Mansouri said that this is the first time a gang was using similar method akin to drug traffickers.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
Read full story: http://bit.ly/2uIK7Bm


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