44% of expats in Malaysia are happier since moving there

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While Singapore has been consistently rated by expats as the best country in the world to live and work, Malaysia is rapidly rising up the ranks. According to HSBC’s new Expat Explorer survey, jumping from 28th to 25th place overall, the country offers simplicity and smooth transition for expats in finding accommodation (61%), organising healthcare (54%) and arranging childcare and schooling (52%).

In fact, more than half (55%) live in a better property than in their home country and have the means to take more holidays, 28% have more domestic help, while 18% even said they donate more to charity.

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Children also benefit from the expat experience. Malaysia ranked eight for making new friends with 43% revealing that their children formed new friendships easily.

Apart from unveiling the best places in the world to live as an expat, the survey also found that life abroad typically increases expats’ income by 25%, with expats globally earning USD99,903 a year on average.

Source Credit: Human Resources


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