5 Aircraft We’re Most Excited To See At The Dubai Airshow

Among the most prominent events on the aviation calendar is this week’s Dubai Airshow, which will demonstrate the future of aviation on the passenger, cargo, and executive fronts. While some carriers will display jets to show corporate cooperation and network expansion, manufacturers will display their newest products to demonstrate the future of their offerings.

At the Dubai Airshow, we could catch a glance at which carriers’ fleets are set to expand and which models are most likely to secure their place in the record books. Orders will be signed, hands will be shaken, and the future of aviation will be revealed for the world to see.

In advance of this exciting airshow, we’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the most anticipated aircraft we expect from the event. In this article, let’s go over five aircraft at the 2023 Dubai Airshow we’re most excited about seeing.

1) Boeing 777-9

The next major widebody to enter the skies

Status:In-flight testing
Number built so far:4
Planned introduction:2025

Having been in development since 2017, the Boeing 777X will be the next major widebody family to enter the skies. With the same operational standards as a traditional 777, the latest widebody features improved efficiency, performance, and capacity. Furthermore, with its famed folding winglets, the aircraft benefits from having a longer wingspan in the air without taking up more space at the gate than a standard 777.

Since its first flight in 2020, the aircraft has undergone rigorous testing, and four of the type have been built so far. In the sales department, however, the aircraft could use some victories at the Dubai Airshow.

In total, the Boeing 777X has accumulated over 360 orders, which certainly bodes positively for the Seattle-based planemaker. Nonetheless, there are some legacy Boeing 777 operators that have yet to place orders for the jet. American Airlines and United Airlines, both legacy 777 operators, have yet to demonstrate strong interest in the type, and neither have all three Chinese legacy carriers.

2) Archer Aviation’s Midnight

A next-generation service

Aircraft class:eVTOL Transport
Status:In testing
Current partners:United Airlines

A startup manufacturer based out of San Jose, California, Archer Aviation is a pioneer in the field of electric air taxi services. The company’s flagship aircraft (dubbed “Midnight”) on the manufacturer’s website is set to be a fully electric, vertical takeoff-capable rotorcraft able to fly between city centres and large airports.

Recently, Archer found its first partner in United Airlines, who placed an order for 100 of the type. United has demonstrated its intention to operate ten-minute air taxi services between downtown Manhattan and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). A second order placed at the Dubai Airshow could prove a massive win for the budding manufacturer.

3) Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1000

A healed relationship

Number in Qatar’s fleet:24
Introduction to service:2015
Number produced:Over 500

While the A350-1000 certainly isn’t a brand-new aircraft (the jet has been flying for well over eight years), Qatar Airways choice to display the A350 at the Dubai Airshow does have some far-reaching implications for the aviation industry as a whole. Initially, the airline was the aircraft’s launch customer, and the carrier and the manufacturer maintained a strong relationship.

Nonetheless, after the peeling paint on the A350 led to the plane being grounded, Qatar Airways’ relationship with Airbus deteriorated drastically. Over time, the issues were resolved, and the two companies began to make amends. Qatar displaying the A350-1000, the aircraft that caused its problems with Airbus in the first place, demonstrates that the two firms are now back on far better terms. Ultimately, the airline industry as a whole is undoubtedly glad to see this disagreement put to rest.

4) BeOnd’s Airbus A319

A new kind of business model

Business model:All premium leisure carriers
Aircraft purchased:Exclusively Airbus A319s
Routes confirmed:4

A fledgling carrier based out of the Maldives, BeOnd is certainly set to make an impact on the market. One way or another, BeOnd will prove whether or not the premium leisure model is viable. While today there are all-business-class airlines, such as France’s La Compagnie, these carriers tend to focus on travel between major economic hubs, where demand for business travel is strong.

BeOnd will exclusively operate business-class flights between the Maldives’ capital, Male, and cities in Europe and the Middle East. As of now, the carrier has confirmed four different routes while connecting its hub to Dubai, Riyadh, Zurich, and Munich. Currently, tickets are on sale for all four routes, with the airline promising that more are soon to come.

5) Bombardier Challenger 3500

The next generation of private jets

Aircraft type:Business jet
Range:3,400 nautical miles
Maximum capacity:10

Launched in 2021, the Challenger 3500 will be the latest offering from Canadian manufacturer Bombardier. The aircraft has been developed from the popular Bombardier Challenger 300, a model of which the manufacturer has impressively sold over 700 units.

The Challenger 3500 boasts cutting-edge designs over its predecessors, including auto-throttles and an upgraded cabin. Currently, the purchase price of the new Challenger sits at over $25 million, and the manufacturer is surely hoping to secure key orders at the airshow. With its advances in fuel efficiency, which is critical to lower carbon emissions, the Challenger 3500 could set the tone for business jets in the next decade.


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