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Saudi: 5 gasoline stations shut for tampering with pump meter readings

The Saudi authorities have shut down five gasoline stations in the Riyadh city and the Jubail governorate in the Eastern Province for tampering with pump meter readings. It was found in inspections that the fuel stations, which belonged to a commercial establishment, installed illegally devices to change the quantities of fuel sold to motorists.

The inspections were carried out by the officials of the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Commerce, and the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), under the supervision of the Permanent Executive Committee for Fuel Stations and Service Centers.

Upon inspection of the fuel stations, the concerned authorities found that there were devices that change the quantities of fuel sold at these stations and that these stations failed to comply with the requirements related to the Law of Calibration and Measurements and the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law.

Necessary legal procedures have been taken against the fuel stations and their workers, for violating the Law of Calibration and Measurements and the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, before referring them to the Public Prosecution to complete the rest of the legal procedures against them.

The Permanent Executive Committee for Fuel Stations and Service Centers affirmed its keenness to protect and preserve the rights of consumers. It stressed that the gas stations and their workers must adhere to all requirements and regulations related to the gas station and service center sector.

The committee stated that it will continue its comprehensive monitoring campaigns throughout the year, with the participation of all relevant parties with the aim of ensuring the quality of all petroleum products and services provided in service centers and gas stations, and adhering to the necessary requirements, as part of its efforts to advance the sector and raise the quality of services provided to beneficiaries.


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