5 Skills You No Longer Need to Learn Because of Artificial Intelligence

Over the past few months, developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have taken huge strides and its use has skyrocketed, especially after the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, while it might be reasonable to start preparing for a world ruled by AI, more often than not results might be exaggerated and AI capacities overhyped.

People are scared of an uncertain future where they risk losing their jobs, stability, and value in society as their skills are getting more easily automatable. However, AI will always need human collaboration, and sometimes intervention, to function properly.

This being said, while AI is not expected to fully mimic humans’ abilities, it is becoming good at performing repetitive basic, or robotic tasks. This can save time and offer people space to explore the use of special human capabilities, such as creativity and imagination.

Here are five skills that you can now skip learning thanks to recent developments in the field of AI-

  • Writing
  • Art Design
  • Data entry
  • Data Analysis
  • Video Editing

Thanks to its ability to easily automate repetitive tasks, AI might be the solution to years of people being subjected to a system that pushes them into killing their creativity to focus on performing basic dull tasks.

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