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5 Things to Consider Before Buying an Apartment

Purchasing an apartment in Bahrain? Here’s why you should consider Kazerooni Heights.

  1. Location

Location is perhaps the most vital element to consider when selecting your new home. A great location will remain an asset and a profitable investment no matter how the property market fluctuates in the future.

Before buying an apartment, it is important to know the property’s proximity to amenities such as shops, schools, hospitals as well as beaches, parks and other leisure options.

Situated in Amwaj Islands, Kazerooni Heights is conveniently located near commercial shopping areas, quality private schools, pristine beaches and parks. Moreover, the property is close to three hospitals and is only a 10-minute drive from the Bahrain International Airport

2. Layout

The layout of an apartment will impact various aspects of your home’s uses and potential so you should consider this before making your purchase.

Featuring a contemporary aesthetic and unique design, Kazerooni Heights can accommodate a lifestyle that suits all your needs. Here are the highlights of each kind of apartment at the property:

Apartment TypeFeaturesStarting Price
1-Bedroom ApartmentEach one-bedroom apartment measures approximately 88 square meters of the 20-story Kazerooni Heights building.BD 83,600
2-Bedroom ApartmentEach two-bedroom suite starts from 128 square meters. There’s also a two-bedroom option with a maid’s room/office space. There are several different apartment layout styles to choose from.BD 121,600  
3-Bedroom ApartmentEach three-bedroom apartment is equipped with a maid’s room/office space and is large and spacious (approximately 255 square meters). There are also three-bedroom duplex apartments for added comfort and privacy.BD 247,000

Each apartment is equipped with modern European furnishings. The space also features a smart layout, modern kitchen with cutting edge appliances, and more.

3. Community

The scenic Amwaj District where Kazerooni Heights is located, is full of life. The area also boasts a safe and vibrant community, which makes living here a delight.

4. Amenities

Kazerooni Heights offers all the necessary amenities including a rooftop temperature controlled pool, multi-purpose banquet hall, state-of-the-art gym, steam and sauna facilities, among others.

Each corner at the property is clean and well maintained, which makes for a comfortable living experience.

5. Reputation of Developer

Kazerooni Group has been making a mark in Bahrain’s real estate industry with their quality projects for over four decades. Since its inception in 1973, the group has been providing international-grade civil construction services in the Kingdom. Read the reasons why they should be your first choice.


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