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5-year Jail And SR150,000 Fine For Expat For Harassing A Woman

JEDDAH — A Saudi court sentenced an expatriate, who is convicted of harassing a woman, to five years in prison and fines amounting to SR150,000.

The Public Prosecution referred the case to the court after its Public Morality wing ended its investigations into the charges against the expatriate of harassing a woman. The accused was arrested and referred to the court. The Public Prosecution demanded the court to award him maximum penalties prescribed in the law for the crime committed by him.

The Public Prosecution affirmed its keenness and determination to protect the society from any behavior that contradicts the public morality, saying that anyone who involves in harassment will face strict criminal accountability.

The provisions of the Anti-Harassment Law stipulates that they will be applied in the event of happening of the crime of harassment in terms of any utterance, act or gesture of a sexual nature made by a person that impinges on another person’s body, honor or modesty by any means, including modern technologies. This law aims to combat the crime of harassment, prevent its occurrence, punish perpetrators and protect victims, in order to preserve the privacy, dignity and personal freedom of individuals guaranteed by the Islamic Shariah and the Saudi law.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi security authorities started announcing recently the names of those arrested on harassment charges. The Makkah police revealed for the first time the full name of the accused while announcing the arrest of an Egyptian expatriate for harassing a woman. The Jeddah governorate police also announced the arrest of a Saudi citizen for harassing a woman. Legal measures were taken against the accused and they were referred to the Public Prosecution.


Saudi Gazette

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