562,961 expats arrested for violating Saudi laws

Most crimes committed by workers who stay in Kingdom illegally. (Photo courtesy: Saudi Public Security Department)
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RIYADH: A total of 562,691 expats were arrested since November last year for violating the labor, residency and border security regulations of the country.
The program was carried out under the nationwide campaign dubbed “A nation without violators.”

According to an announcement from the Public Security Division, 382,921 without valid residence permits (Iqama), 127,566 without valid work permits, and 52,204 people violating the border security system were arrested.

A total of 7,996 expats were apprehended while illegally entering Saudi Arabia. About 69 percent were Yemeni nationals, 29 percent Ethiopians and 2 percent were from other nationalities. There were 501 people arrested while trying to run away from the Kingdom.
The total number of those involved in the transporting and harboring of the violators was 1,092.

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The number of citizens detained for involvement in transporting or harboring the violators was 176,162. They were released after completing the legal procedures, whereas the remaining 14 detainees are awaiting completion of procedures. The total number of violators being subjected to the procedures is 11,939, including 9,828 men and 2,111 women.

Immediate penalties were imposed against 100,005 violators; 80,963 were transferred to their respective diplomatic missions to obtain travel documents; 89,339 were transferred to complete their travel reservations; and 127,221 were deported.

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According to a Riyadh Police official, most of the crimes are committed by workers who stay in the Kingdom illegally. Those interested in staying legally have always come to the authorities to regularize their stay in the Kingdom, he added.

Source Credit: Arab News


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