6 important things you need to know about VAT in the GCC

VALUE ADDED TAX red Rubber Stamp over a white background.
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From January 1, 2018, the GCC will implement VAT.

VAT confirmed across GCC in 2018: How to prepare

Economists and officials in some GCC countries have said privately that simultaneous introduction in all countries may not be feasible. We look at challenges and opportunities. Read more here

Implementation of VAT: 10 things you need to know

The introduction of a value-added tax system in the GCC will not only affect consumers, but will have a broader impact on business in general. Read more here

Three unexpected ways VAT will change your life

While the most common effects of VAT have already been explained, here are three unexpected areas that VAT will impact your life. Read more here

VAT: 7 challenges GCC companies will face

Experts say the new tax could create operational risks for companies, so they need to chalk out a clear roadmap to ensure timely and smooth implementation. Read more here

How will VAT affect the healthcare sector?

As the nation makes strides towards establishing itself as a worldwide leader in healthcare, we examine how the upcoming VAT will affect the sector and residents. Read more here

VAT to impact economy: official

A survey by the CFA Society Emirates revealed that 82 per cent of the respondents said the introduction of VAT will lead to higher inflation rates in the UAE. Read more here

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