6-member bahraini family die in a tragic accident in Saudi

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A six-member Bahraini family was killed in a tragic road accident in southern Saudi Arabia, the latest in the kingdom’s traffic fatalities.
According to local reports, the father, Ali Al Hamri, his wife and their children were killed in the accident that occurred on Friday evening in Al Sulail, near Wadi Al Dawaser and about 600 kilometres from the capital Riyadh.

The family reportedly lives in Hala in Muharraq, Bahrain’s second largest island. One of the victims is an outstanding student at Istiqlal Girls’ High School.

In Manama, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said there were five people injured in the accident as well and that it was coordinating with the Bahraini embassy in Riyadh “in order to provide all necessary facilities and procedures.”

Bahraini families regularly use the 25-kilometre King Fahd Causeway to drive into Saudi Arabia where they visit their relatives, tour various areas of the vast kingdom or engage in shopping.

Several Bahrainis also use the terrestrial link to drive to Makkah, almost 1,200 kilometres away, to perform Umrah.


Source Credit: Gulf News


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