More Than 60% Of Insured Population In Oman Overweight

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A lack of physical activity, poor diet, and bad lifestyle choices are to blame for 62%of the insured population being overweight, according to a study compiled by the Oman Insurance Company (OIC).

While 66% of its Indians clientele is overweight, the percentage is 70 among Pakistanis. The percentage is comparatively lower among Filipinos (54%). The study, compiled by LivFit, analyzed more than 3,200 responses received as part of a free online health-risk assessment.

67% of males are overweight compared to females. The link between physical activity and weight was reflected in the study. While 19% of the people in the healthy weight group said they don’t exercise even for 2.5 hours in a week, the number rose to 27% among the overweight population.


Knowing that a person is overweight is the first step to take charge of their health condition. Unfortunately, a majority of the overweight population is still unaware of their health condition as the study revealed that only 20% of the overweight respondents has been diagnosed with the condition by doctors. Being overweight is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases like stroke, diabetes and some cancers, including kidney and breast.

Many organizations around the world continuously educate people on the impact of obesity on their health. The introduction of ‘sin tax’ on soft drinks by the UAE government last year was a major step to discourage people from consuming excess sugar through these drinks.

In the study, 43% of the overweight population felt good about themselves compared to 52% of healthy people. Also, 62% of overweight people said that they are satisfied with their lives compared to 72% of the healthy population.

When asked if people are willing to change, 37% of the overweight group responded that they have already taken charge of their weight. Judging by the responses, people are keen to become healthier, but how many will actually take the necessary steps to do it.

Source Credit: Muscat Daily


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