A Bahraini Abroad: The Road To Mount Elbrus

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By Ammr Donia @Travel_Duck_Adventures

I found myself sitting on the edge of a cliff in the most incredible mountain range in the world; the Everest Region. I was searching for something new and itching for another big adventure. I realised that I have spent days in the mountains getting ready for something bigger, it’s time for Elbrus I thought to myself.

My friend was sitting in the distance, watching over the cliff tops. I went over and mentioned Elbrus, my friend looked up with a big grin nodding, it’s time. The dates were decided; we will climb Elbrus between 27 July and 04 August 2019.

Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano, situated in the Caucasus mountains in Southern Russia. It is the highest mountain in Europe at 5642m.

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Elbrus can be climbed in 7 days and is considered dangerous due to its unpredictable weather and harsh climate. Temperatures range from +25°c at the base to -25°c at the top.

Preparing for Elbrus

It is now the middle of Ramadan, full of feasts, late gatherings and dessert. This had to stop, it’s time to get serious.I changed my diet and ate healthier. I avoided sugars and processed foods.

Training wise, I began walking long hours with a heavy backpack to simulate trekking. Bahrain is flat, hot and humid so getting on the treadmill at an incline with a weight belt is a good alternative, and so is walking up the stairs of a tower. I go cycling too and do strength and conditioning workouts.

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Climbing for Charity

Combining my passion with charity work, I decided on a charity with a cause I believe in, sustainability through research and development. I am dedicating this climb to their cause.
Omneyat is a charitable foundation promoting effective and evidence-based practice in the treatment of autism and developmental delays in Bahrain. For more information and how you can help, visit www.omneyat.org

If you have any enquiries or want to join our climb for charity, contact me on Instagram and follow our next adventure @ Travel_Duck_Adventures


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