A Piece of the Moon for Sale for $2.5 Million

An undated picture shows a moon rock in an unknown location. (Christie's Images Ltd / handout / Reuters)
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One of the world’s largest lunar meteorites goes on private sale at Christie’s London (Auction House) today, valued at US $ 2.49 Million.

The moon rock, weighing over 13.5 kg, was probably struck off the surface of the moon by a collision with an asteroid or comet and then showered down on the Sahara desert.

Known as NWA 12691, it is thought to be the fifth largest piece of the moon ever found on earth. There is just 650 kg of moon rock known to be on earth.

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James Hyslop, Christie’s head of science and natural history said “It is an actual piece of the moon. It is about the size of a football, a bit more oblong than that, larger than your head.”

Scientists can be certain that it is from the moon after comparing it with rock samples brought back by the United States’ Apollo space missions to the moon.



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