Abu Dhabi: Disputes Of 400 Workers Settled In Record Time

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As many as 400 workers’ disputes were amicably resolved by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) and it also helped them settle about Dh3 million in dues, the department said on Thursday.

The Labour Reconciliation Committee in the ADJD, in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources, resolved labour dispute during a record time of one week, where 400 workers’ matters were settled and all dues paid.

The department liquidated the company’s bank guarantees and took necessary measures to transfer the willing workers’ residences under other companies and to provide travel tickets for those wishing to return home.

The department praised the prompt response and the high level of coordination and cooperation between the concerned entities, which contributed to ending the dispute in record time.

The Labor Emergency Committee, which consists of representatives of several entities with same jurisdiction, went to the workers’ housing, explained their rights in accordance with the UAE law, that the law allowed those who wished to remain in the country to work in another company, while those who preferred to go home, will be provided with air ticket after getting all their financial dues.

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Moreover, the committee contacted the company’s owner of and obliged him to provide food for the workers, and the committee also liquidated the company’s bank guarantee in order to pay the workers their dues and prove tickets for those wishing to return home, the statement from the department said.

On the other hand, the labour court, which immediately took quick actions, moved the mobile court on Thursday to the workers’ accommodation in the presence of representatives of both the Bangladeshi and Nepalese embassies, to implement the reconciliation in terms of paying the dues and settling the legal status of the workers according to their wishes, and giving return tickets to those who wish to go back home.

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Also, the settlement procedures have been authenticated for the employees of the company who did not initiate cases before the labour court. The number of workers who have raised labour issues is only 90 out of a total of 400 workers.

Salaries of 800 workers out of 1,200 were paid off, while 400 remained unpaid.

The details of the case came to light after the departure of the non-national partner of the company, as well as the escape of executive directors after misappropriation of large sums of money, resulting in commercial issues and freezing of the company’s funds under a judicial order.


Source Credit: Gulf News


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