Abu Dhabi: Man Jailed For Sleeping In Neighbour’s House

eleven bahrainis arrested
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A GCC national was fined Dh10,000 and handed a three-month jail term in the first court’s ruling for drinking and breaking into the home of his neighbour in Abu Dhabi.

In the details, a person had complained to the police about a drunk man who entered his home by force, which rattled the inhabitants.

He stated in his defence that he had been drinking without a licence, but denied the breaking and entering charge. The man said didn’t even enter the villa, only the gate, which is nearly 15 metres away from the front door.

“All the homes in that area are similar. I believed I was entering my home and fell asleep. I had no intention of breaking in without permission or upsetting my neighbours.”

The man was let out on bail while the Appeals Court looked into the case, as per the Emarat Al Youm report. The court will reconvene on November 5 to pronounce the final verdict.


Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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