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Abu Dhabi rolls out fleet of fast-charging electric buses

Electric buses powered by fast-charging lithium batteries have been launched in Abu Dhabi, in line with the UAE’s wider sustainability drive.

The makers of the lithium titanate oxide (LTO) buses – Al-Fahim Group and Yinlong Energy – claim the e-vehicles can be charged in less than 20 minutes compared to hours for other lithium-ion electric buses.

According to its manufacturers, the LTO battery is the safest of its kind and has a lifespan of more than 25 years.

The buses are also environmentally friendly – replacing one diesel bus with an electric one was reportedly equivalent to reducing harmful emissions from 27 passenger cars driven for a year.

The manufacturers also said the LTO buses were ideal for mass transportation because of how speedily they could be charged.

“With the new bus fleet set to be rolled out across the rest of the Middle East following the launch, we are confident that this will transform public transportation in the region,” said Susan Lam, vice president from Yinlong Energy.


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