Accelerating Workplace Health & Performance Globally

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The Institute for Health, Productivity & Management (IHPM-MENA) presents a global accelerator and two-day certification course at the Intercontinental Hotel Manama.

The worksite is the ideal place to improve the health of a population, however many companies don’t take into account the health of their employees and how this contributes to productivity. IHPM MENA has come up with an event that will provide perspectives on health from a productivity standpoint.

Co-hosted and principally sponsored by Saudi Aramco, the unique event which will focus on accelerating workplace health and performance globally will take place at the Intercontinental Regency Hotel Manama on September 19 for the Accelerator and September 20-21 for the Academy Training and Certification.

The opening remarks and inauguration will be delivered by Huda M. Al – Ghoson, Executive Director for Human Resources, Saudi Aramco. Al Ghoson will welcome speakers and participants from all parts of the world to this global accelerator, highlighting the need for ‘a call to action’ in the region to why investing in healthy human capital is a great value proposition.

If you stay for the next two days, you can earn your certification in the emergent professional discipline of Health and Productivity Management and create a system that can work for your company

Professor Dame Carol Black of Newnham College, Cambridge University will be the first keynote speaker. She will tackle the progress made and the challenges faced in the workplace when developing a program for Total Worker Health. In addition, she will address the issues of mental health, resilience and engagement, and the role of leadership and managerial behavior in diverse sectors of the economy. Dame Carol will conclude with the message that creating “good workplaces” and “good work” is necessary for employee wellbeing and productivity. Dame Carol Black has been one of the most powerful agents worldwide for change in the domain of workplace health.

Define Health

Key features of the accelerator include a keynote by Dr. Vedat Misrahi, Medical & Occupational Health Director for UNILEVER on Corporate Global Benchmarks for Best Practices in HPM. There is also a Global Thought Leadership Discussion on What Does it Really Mean to Be Healthy? Updating the WHO Definition of Health with a panel of featured conference speakers moderated by Sean Sullivan.

Leveraging Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship in IT will kick off the afternoon of IHPM’s Global Accelerator with a stellar Panel of Regional Leaders in the MENA region. In the interactive session, the panelists will discuss how future health sectors can leverage opportunities presented by the Internet of Things—including how to build better performance across the talent life-management span.

Devices or the “things“ in the IoT, that range from smartphones to wearables across the health spectrum exemplify how the future will operate through human/machine interfaces, and serve as guideposts to the next generation of leadership in Health, Productivity & Performance Management. These insights are exciting, considering the exponential growth of the IoT, which now encompasses the wellness, prevention, and healthcare center.

Getting Certified

At the end of such a high-energy day, you may ask: What do I do to make this program work in my company? If you stay for the next two days, you can earn your certification in the emergent professional discipline of Health and Productivity Management and create a system that can work for your company.

The second part of the program, the IHPM Academy is a participatory learning experience that (1) provides attendees with an understanding of the health and productivity management model, (2) informs them with real-world lessons and examples from actually implementing the model, and 3) equips them with tools and program designs to do it themselves. Completion of this full workshop will entitle attendees to a Certification in the Discipline of Health and Productivity Management.

An interesting scope of the Academy is the section on the Cost of Poor Health, which tackles the total cost of health issues to organizations, and will ask participants to create a business case for reducing total health costs. In addition, there will be several modules that will talk about the Human Resource Role in HPM.

Health and Productivity – yes, they are related!

The Workshop/ Academy will conclude with an interactive discussion of the key elements of Health and Productivity Management, the barriers to be overcome in making it work, and the rewards to be gained in higher levels of employee morale, health, and performance. The participants will go home, having earned their certifications in this emergent field.

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