AGORA Training Services

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The UK based AGORA Training Services has been providing training solutions to different sectors in GCC for more than 6 years.  With a new Brach opened in Bahrain one year ago, the slogan of AGORA is “Training today for a safer tomorrow.”  AGORA Training Service’s Managing Director Ms. Alina Moore shares their ideas for the future projects in GCC with Gulf Insider Magazine.

How was the beginning of the AGORA Training Service-the name, concept etc.?

As a company, AGORA Training Services offers acclaimed internationally accredited training. Our clients can be assured that they will be gaining the best training experience here. Our concept is to provide high quality affordable training.

We don’t believe in providing training is only in the classrooms. Our clients will be receiving hands-on, real life training experience which will enable them to face any real life scenario.

AGORA in ancient Greek language meant ‘market’. It is where you go and find everything that you might require. What we strive to become is the one stop-shop for all training services from health and safety to heavy machinery, from Oil & Gas to Hospitality.  We don’t focus only on one division but every division will receive deserved attention that it might require.

How did you choose Kingdom of Bahrain as the country for your service?

We are UK based company which has operations in the GCC for more than 6 years. It makes sense for us to have a Branch in Bahrain due to Kingdom’s close proximity to the major markets in the GCC.

What are your greatest accomplishments in this field?

Our greatest achievement in the industry is ‘No Accidents, no causalities.” Over 16,000 people we have trained in the last 6 years, not even a single person has met with any accident. We are proud that people we trained take with them more than just a Certificate.

Our clients approach us not only for the certificates but for the quality training that we provide them. The knowledge we impart enable not only to protect themselves but also others around them.

What do you enjoy the most in this business?

The best part of working in this industry is to meet with the new collaborators. Each new collaboration makes me feel successful. We have worked with MEPEX, recently signed an agreement with National Institute of Industrial Training and their partner VSA.

We have recently signed an agreement with Weir SPM to be the only approved training provider in the GCC area for their FSR (Flowline Safety  Restrain) System. We have launched the new training program for them.

Another good part of working in this area is that we can directly monitor the improvements that the training is doing for our clients. There is no better way to guide them other than the first-hand experiences for a better performance after the training.

What is your least favorite part?

Have to chase on each and everything (laughs). Leaving the joke aside, when you are doing something that you are passionate about, there won’t be any down sides. When you put your heart into what you are doing there won’t be anything to hard.

You provide services in four divisions. Can you tell which of the divisions that you give prime focus for?

We provide services in Oil & Gas, Construction, Hospitality and Industrial sectors. We give each division attention depending on the project that is running at that time. Our team works all around the clock and someone will be available over the phone 24/7 and 365 days in the year. It will never happen that our client’s calls will go unanswered.

We are working for so many industries, but most essentially for the oil & gas industry. Any situation might arise at any time. There should be someone to assist the needs of our clients.

What are the major challenges that you have faced so far?

In these time of fluctuating markets, where the oil prices reached as low as 22 $ per barrel, the business is really challenging. However, many companies are utilizing the downturn to improve their teams skills through the use of our training. There is a great deal of legislation training going through planning stages or implementation in the GCC at the moment for all industries. We are looking forward for those laws to be reinforced to create the Health and Safety culture the GCC deserve

Who are your major clients?

We are working with Rowan Drilling, Halliburton, Weir-SPM, Petrogistix, ARKAD, Radisson Blu, Ritz Carlton, Singapore and Australian Shipyards just to name a few.

The best side of the business is that we get to travel a lot (Laughs.)

Our conversation is followed by a photo shoot for the interview. Ms. Alina proudly poses in front of the company logo. We wish her all the success in her endeavours which will definitely change the face of industries for a safer tomorrow.


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