Air India pilot found dead in Riyadh

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Mystery shrouds the death of a 27-year-old Air India pilot whose body was found in the washroom of a health club at Holiday Inn Hotel in Riyadh, where he was staying during the layover period after operating a flight from New Delhi on Tuesday.

Captain Rithwik Tiwari, a first officer on the Airbus 320 fleet, is believed to have suffered a cardiac arrest. Post-mortem will be carried out shortly. Colleagues said that the pilot, son of Captain U.S. Tiwari, a senior training pilot with Air India, was all set to get engaged in a few weeks.

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Air India officials said Captain Tiwari was found lying sideways in a toilet of the health club. “The police were called in after there was no response from the locked toilet room. The door was opened by police,” an airline official in Riyadh said. Flight commander Captain Renu Maulay helped in identifying the first officer.


Source Credit: The Hindu


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