Air India Temporarily Halts Flights to Tel Aviv

Air India runs four flights each week between New Delhi and the Israeli capital city.

Leading Indian airline Air India announced temporary halting of its flights to Tel Aviv in the wake of emergence of fresh tensions in the region.

Direct flights between Delhi and Tel Aviv will be suspended for the time being, the airline said.

Air India runs four flights each week between New Delhi and the Israeli capital city.

The Tata group-owned carrier resumed service to Tel Aviv on March 3 after an almost five-month hiatus.

Air India cancelled flights to and from Tel Aviv from October 7, 2023, in response to the Hamas attack on the Israeli metropolis.

Air India and Vistara, the other Tata Group airline, also decided to avoid Iranian airspace to ensure passenger safety.

The two long-haul Indian carriers also said they are opting for longer flight paths for their Europe and US operations.

This decision comes after the Indian government advised citizens to avoid traveling to Iran. By taking these precautions, the airlines aim to ensure the safety of passengers and maintain smooth operations.

“Due to the current situation affecting parts of the Middle East, we are making changes to flight-paths of some of our flights. Contingency routes, which are kept available to ensure operational continuity during such eventualities, are being used instead,” Vistara said in a media statement.

The move on flight path changes followed India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) issuing an advisory on Friday, urging Indian citizens not to travel to Iran or Israel until further notice due to current tensions.

The ministry also urged those already in these countries to reach out to Indian embassies and register themselves.


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