Airfare from Middle East to India shoots up dramatically

The India-Middle East air route is one of the busiest and most profitable sectors for carriers in the region. These flights see a steady flow of business travelers, tourists, and those visiting friends and relatives. However, lately, those wanting to visit India from any of the Gulf countries are feeling the pinch of increased airfares.

It has become a lot more expensive to fly between the Middle East and India these days, with many passengers having to pay through the nose for tickets. Countries in the Gulf region are home to millions of Indians, particularly from South India. As such, airlines flying on these routes are almost guaranteed a regular flow of passengers.

If we take the city of Mangaluru in the South Indian state of Karnataka as an example, a two-way ticket, which earlier cost less than $316, will now set you back by around $443 to $506.

Even flights from Bahrain to Mangaluru are now more than $633, going as high as $760. A Doha-Kochi flight ticket is priced between $342 and $760, while a Doha-Thiruvananthapuram flight ticket costs between $329 and $924 for the same period.

As Indians rush back home during the summer season to reunite with families and also celebrate Eid, the fare hike is not going down well with the customers. 

he sector is also majorly dominated by Middle East carriers, and tour operators cite the rise in fuel prices and fewer flights by Indian airlines as reasons for the high fare. For many Indians, this will be the first time in two years visiting family back home. As such, they have no option but to pay the steep fares.

K N Shastri, founder of a Kochi-based tour agency, says that rising fuel prices are the primary forces behind the fare hike.


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