Al Haddad Motors awarded for Outstanding Performance in 2018

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Al Haddad Motors won the second place in the Mercedes-Benz GD Awards 2018 for Sales and Customer Services Super League. A total of 54 contenders participated in the Super League and were assessed based on their performances throughout 2018.

The award was presented to Ms. Deema Al Haddad, Al Haddad Motors’ Deputy Chairman and Head of HR, and Mr. Warren Hudson, the Al Haddad Motors General Manager, by Mr. Matthias Lührs, Head of Region Overseas Mercedes-Benz Cars, and Ms. Britta Seeger, a member of the board of management for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales, at the Annual Mercedes-Benz Overseas Region 2019 Conference that was held in Berlin, Germany.

The Mercedes-Benz Cars Overseas Region has also awarded all the Al Haddad Motors staff with a company event worth Euro 10,000 to reward their outstanding performance in 2018.

Al Haddad Motors held a press conference to highlight this award and showcase the outstanding performances that they have achieved throughout the previous year.

Present at the press conference were the General Manager of Al Haddad Motors, Mr. Warren Hudson, the Service Customers Manager, Mr. Ian Beattie, the Sales Manager, Mr. Bryan Logue, and the Marketing Manager, Mr. Imran Ali.

During the press conference, Al Haddad Motors showcased all the awards received during 2018, that includes the:

  • Mercedes-Benz Cars Overseas Region award for outstanding performance (International)
  • MBCME Best Pre-owned Sales Performance for 2018 (Regional)
  • MBCME Best Target Agreement Achievement for 2018 (Regional)
  • MBCME Best Corporate Sales Performance for 2018 (Regional)
  • MBCME Most Reliable Monthly Forecast for 2018 (Regional)
  • MBCME Customer Services Conference Dealer Retail Standard Fulfilment award for 2018 (Regional)
  • MBCME Customer Services Conference Best Planning and Forecasting award for 2018 (Regional)
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These awards are an indication of the Al Haddad Motors’ vision to maintaining their leading position in the automotive industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as to becoming the benchmark Mercedes-Benz distributor in the region. It is also an indication of the outstanding performance and efforts of the Al Haddad Motors’ team.

These awards have had a very positive impact on the business. There has been a positive trend developing in the Customer Services department as Al Haddad Motors was able to increase penetration in the 4-8-year-old vehicles segment and have seen an increase of 60% in service contracts on new cars.

Additionally, despite the market going down by 28% year to date in 2019, Al Haddad Motors sales division were still able to increase their market share by 7.2% to 19.7% on the previous year.

Mr. Bryan Logue discussed the unique Ramadan lifestyle booklet that    Al Haddad Motors is offering its customers on both new vehicles and Certified Pre-owned vehicles. The lifestyle booklet offers a lot of benefits to the customers as it includes a 3-Year Service Package, Insurance and Registration as well as several other luxurious gift vouchers.

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He also spoke about the range of new cars that were on display during the press conference that included the GLE SUV, the AMG CLS 53, the AMG C 63s coupe as well as the 4 door AMG GT 43.

As for the aftersales, Mr. Ian Beattie spoke about the various Ramadan offers for service customers that includes a BD 25 gift voucher for services that cost BD 100 or more, as well as, an unbeatable deal on the service contracts in which customers can enjoy up to 20% discount on maintenance services that lasts for 3-5 years and not just in Ramadan.

He also discussed the Mercedes-Benz Loyalty Program at the press conference. The Mercedes-Benz Loyalty Program was introduced to reward the loyal customer of Al Haddad Motors with several benefits that include roadside assistance, discounts on labour and parts and genuine Mercedes-Benz collection accessories. The types of rebates differ for each model year and are determined by the requirements of each vehicle.

The future plans of Al Haddad Motors were also discussed. Mr. Warren Hudson spoke about all the recent change and developments that were carried out at the Customer Services facility in Salmabad that have enhanced their appearances and help Mercedes-Benz Bahrain become more aligned with the universal Mercedes-Benz dealer retail standards.


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