Al Shifa Company Clarifies On Its Honey Products

al shifa honey
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Al Shifa Honey Company has clarified that it has withdrawn only two specific batches of its products across Oman.

The company in its statement added, the withdrawal decision issued by the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), is applicable only for the batches that were produced on 2/1/2016, expiring on 2/1/2021; packaged on 1/9/2018, expiring on 31/8/2023 and weighing 3kg is in non-compliance with the standard specifications.

However, the preliminary analysis of the two batches under consideration prove that packaging was made in accordance with the requirements of the Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) and GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) No 147/2008 (honey), adding that it has been scientifically proven that honey may be exposed to some changes due to time or improper storage conditions.

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The company reiterated its leading position in the food industry with its most successful honey brand which managed to earn customers’ confidence as a high quality, 100 percent pure natural honey and also received the Food Safety Management System certification 22000 and ISO22000.

The company is entitled to provide full details in order to reassure its customers in Oman, Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Al Shifa honey is acclaimed by consumers in more than 40 countries and is regarded as one of the leading international brands.

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