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All Of The World’s Trillion-Dollar Companies In One Chart

Chipmaker Nvidia is now the world’s most valuable company, which means its time for an update to our frequent “trillion-dollar club” post.

In this graphic, Visual Capitalist’s Marcus Lu visualized the market capitalizations of the world’s trillion-dollar companies, as of June 18, 2024. Included for additional context is the market cap of the median S&P 500 firm (as of May 30, 2024), as well as Taiwan’s TSMC, which is the next closest company to reaching the $1 trillion milestone.

Data and Key Takeaways

The figures used to create this graphic are included in the table below. Numbers for each company come from, while the median S&P 500 market cap was sourced from S&P Global.

Here are the key reasons behind each of these companies’ massive valuations:

  • Nvidia: Industry leader in data center chips, essential for training artificial intelligence
  • Microsoft: Dominance in enterprise software products (e.g. Windows, Office, Azure)
  • Apple: Strong track record of innovation and a large, loyal customer base
  • Alphabet: Leading player in online advertising and other digital platforms (e.g. Google Search, Youtube)
  • Amazon: Dominance in e-commerce and rising cloud computing market share through Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Saudi Aramco: World’s largest oil producer with massive reserves
  • Meta: Dominant player in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp)

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our graphic: Visualizing How Big Tech Companies Make Their Billions.

Which Company Will Hit $1 Trillion Next?

As of June 18, there are a few candidates that could soon join the trillion-dollar club, including TSMC ($932B), Berkshire Hathaway ($881B), Eli Lilly ($847B), and Broadcom ($839B).

Most of these stocks have climbed significantly in 2024 so far, with TSMC up 77% since the start of the year, Eli Lilly up 51%, and Broadcom up 66%.


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