All you need to know about mobile testing units in Bahrain

Bahrain conducts random coronavirus testing at various sites every day. The number of examinations in each site ranges between 300 to 400. The testing units will stay for the entire period mentioned or until the testing kits last. The Ministry of Health explains how and why mobile units are conducted.

What are the mobile testing units?

The mobile testing units are transportable units that organise daily random COVID-19 testing for citizens and residents across the kingdom. They are usually dispatched to areas with dense populations, which include local markets, sports clubs and other public places.

Why are people being tested randomly?

As part of the Kingdom’s comprehensive national efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, random testing is being conducted via the mobile units in order to contribute to monitoring existing asymptomatic cases. This process helps contribute to quick identification and treatment of cases.

Who are eligible for random testing?

The categories eligible for random testing are:

  1. Residents of areas where a mobile testing unit is located
  2. Visitors of local markets where mobile testing units are located.

The categories ineligible for random testing are:

  1. Individuals who have been in contact with an active COVID-19 case.
  2. Those wishing to conduct pre-travel checks
  3. People who experience and exhibit symptoms of the virus.

How can I perform an optional or pre-travel test?

Individuals who would like to conduct an optional or pre-travel COVID-19 test, should do so by visiting a licensed private hospital.


Ministry of Health

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