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Alpha Atelier is all set to dress the elite of Bahrain. With brands ranging from Brioni, Loro Piana, Borelli, Fratelli Rosetti, and other top designers for the dapper gentleman; Alpha Atelier is the luxury shopping haven for men who value quality, craftsmanship, and fashion at its finest.

The first of its kind, premium multi-brand store at Moda Mall, Alpha Atelier houses menswear and specializes in bespoke suits of brands like Brioni, Loro Piana, Luigi Borelli, and Fratelli Rosetti. The façade of the Atelier has black marble borders with gold lettering. Step into the door and you are immediately surrounded by pristine walls showcasing elegant clothes. The staff make sure to provide exceptional service and make customers feel at home.

The pieces in the Atelier (a French word meaning studio or workshop), are distinct. The customer certainly has a lot of options to choose from as these brands are not available elsewhere in Bahrain. Every piece is made with the best materials, is exclusive, and displays an attention to fine details. You can feel the heritage of each brand when you touch the fabrics which are wrinkle-free.

A Sartorial Adventure

With Brioni, you get a sartorial ethos and the romantic sense of the sublime. Brendan Mullane, head designer, brings the Brioni man on a voyage. Up in the mountains, escaping in a forest as a storm advances. The environmental revelation opens the door to the alter ego: a dreamer. As the collection unfolds, the sharp dresser and his adventurous counterpart morph one into the other, revealing new nuances to the distinctive Brioni language. Exact lines and faultless cuts bring the eye over the surfaces: intricate 3D textures that are the result of multiple processes of dyeing, weaving, printing, brushing, sandblasting. Textiles describe geometric and tactile narratives that need to be discovered up close.

The silhouette is straight and slim. The waist is marked high and the buttoning raises, enhancing the sense of assertive verticality. The tailored suits and precise coats worn with felt hats gradually leave way to other worlds: an artist’s smock in double-face cashmere; a hood with straps worn over formal attire. An idea of sheltering and protection slides through in the oversized parkas and coats. Patterned formal fabrics used throughout define the sense of this morphing personality: even the oversized rucksack is made in bonded, felted cashmere and suede. A double-breasted mink coat swarms in subtle herringbone intarsia. Bound seams on outerwear hint at inside constructions brought out. Finally, as the voyage brings the man back to the starting point, yet with a new consciousness, tailoring gains adventurous details, like the sturdy patch pockets landing on an otherwise immaculate blazer.


First Rate Materials 

Functionality, warmth and lightness are fundamental elements of Loro Piana menswear. The fabrics are created using innovative techniques, giving birth to the most unique garments and accessories.

With this brand you can expect superlative quality and exclusive materials. Garments and accessories are crafted from feather-light fabrics, butter soft leathers, refined shearling and precious furs for unique comfort and wearability.  Crafted in warm neutrals and vibrant brights, the pieces in the winter collection combine exceptional quality with artisanal attention to detail.

The Perfect Shirt 

Luigi Borrelli is a high quality shirt maker in Naples, Italy. Borrelli shirts are hand stiched and amongst the finest in the world, some lines being majorly handstitched. Borrelli ties, including sevenfold (more exactly, double fourfold or lined sixfold) ties, also exhibit the highest quality with elegant colors and classical designs.

These shirts represent the moment when the human hand replaces the machines, and allow a shirt to take a very special fit, in all its parts: The armholes, the collar, the shoulder, the mouche, the embroidery at the sleeve vent, the button hole, the button with the old hen’s foot, the box pleat.

Luxury is in the details

Craftsmanship, exclusivity, and an attention to detail are the hallmarks of Alpha Atelier. Customers come here to buy products that are one of a kind, and to avail of old-fashioned service and courtesy that never goes out of

For more information:

Alpha Atelier, Moda Mall / Tel: +973 17522842


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