Amnesty: Labor abuse is becoming Qatar’s World Cup legacy

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As Qatar celebrates the opening of its first World Cup stadium today, rights group Amnesty International is warning officials to proceed with caution. The group had uncovered human rights violations by contractors involved in Khalifa International Stadium renovations last year. At the time, it stated that more than 100 expats had their passports confiscated and salary payments delayed.

For its part, tournament organizers said at the time that “while the findings clearly state there are challenges, they also demonstrate our continued commitment to this process. We will do everything necessary to ensure the issues identified are dealt with promptly.”

A year later, an independent audit commissioned by World Cup organizers found many contractors are continuing to work their staff too hard. James Lynch, Deputy Director of Amnesty’s Global Issues program said “An urgent rethink is needed to prevent labour abuse becoming the legacy of the 2022 World Cup”.



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