An Oil Change in a Bugatti Veyron Costs More Than Most People’s Cars

While many are aware of the hefty price tag associated with purchasing a Bugatti, the maintenance costs of these luxury vehicles are often overlooked. Real estate mogul and car collector Manny Khoshbin, who owns three Bugattis, recently shared the eye-opening expenses he incurs to maintain his prized possessions.

Khoshbin revealed that Bugatti recommends changing the oil and all fluids annually. For his Veyron, this routine maintenance alone costs him $25,000. The reason behind the exorbitant price is that, unlike a regular car with a single drainage plug, the Veyron has 16 different drainage plugs that are not easily accessible. To replace the fluids, a Bugatti technician must remove the rear wheels, rear brakes, fender lining, and the car’s underlining to access the drainage plugs.

But the expenses don’t end there. Khoshbin stated that the tires for his Veyron cost $38,000 to replace, with Bugatti recommending a replacement every few years. However, the most painful expense comes from the rims. Bugatti advises replacing the rims every 10,000 miles, which sets Khoshbin back another $50,000.

You can watch Manny Khoshbin’s full vid here!

Adding up the costs, the annual oil and fluid change, tire replacements every two to three years, and rim replacements amount to well over $100,000. Owning multiple Bugattis, Khoshbin briefly questioned the necessity of having three of these luxury cars, given the staggering maintenance costs. However, he quickly dismissed his concerns, stating, “There’s nothing like owning and driving a Bugatti, and to be fair, all three Bugattis are completely different.”


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