Anti-Lockdown Protesters Take To The Streets in America

Healthcare workers stand in the street as a counter-protest to those demanding the stay-at-home order be lifted in Denver, Colorado, on 19 April. Photograph: Reuters
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In over a dozen American states, protesters have taken to the streets, blocking roads and honking car horns, against stay-at-home orders.

Those taking to the streets say that the stringent measures restricting movement and businesses are unnecessarily hurting citizens.

Protesters say the stay-at-home measures imposed by state governments to control the spread of COVID-19 are an overreaction.

Some have also come bearing firearms as gun rights groups have been among the organisers, citing infringements on civil liberties.

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Some also say keeping these restrictions in place too long will cause long-term damage to local economies.

But not everyone wants to see all restrictions eased immediately: some groups have also called for quarantining just the vulnerable, more testing to get people back to work or redefining “essential” businesses.

In Colorado, hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters were met with a counter-protest by a few healthcare workers, who, dressed in scrubs, blocked traffic at crossroads.

On the other hand, some experts warned such rallies could cause a surge in coronavirus cases.

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