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Are You Happy With Your Telecom Service?

The answer is hopefully a yes, given the slew of unlimited data offers, same-day home deliveries, free calling offers. etc telecom providers are currently offering. Many users, however, are complaining about reduced data speeds and packages, a great inconvenience when most activities are now done online.

Not sure what the different telecom providers are offering? We looked at Batelco, Zain and STC to find out.

Batelco first announced free web unlimited browsing for fixed home broadband customers on a number of educational sites, a few days after which all fixed home broadband users were assured free, unlimited internet use till the end of May.

Batelco’s services are available online, on top of which same-day home delivery service for devices is available. Also has been announced, for its post-paid business customers, an extra 10GB of data per month for three months, valid until the end of June.

Zain started off by announcing free, unlimited internet access for online educational platforms to their home broadband and fiber customers. They also launched a “Be Safe” campaign to encourage customers to use its many digital channels for services such as replacing SIM cards, renewing post-paid plans, signing up for new plans and paying bills.

Customers can also purchase devices which will be delivered to their homes within 24 hours. They are also offering unlimited data on existing fiber connections and have waived off installation and first month fees on new connections.

STC is offering an unlimited data offer till the end of May, while its online shop has exclusive upgrades on the latest devices. New subscriptions are offered 2 months free on all fixed fiber internet plans.

Their latest offer includes up to 1.3 TB data packs, available on the app. Assuring home delivery within 2 hours, they are also offering extra data on postpaid plans and extra validity on recharges done through their digital platforms.

Still not happy?

Latest statistics from Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority show that you’re not the only one.

An 89 per cent jump was recorded in telecom disputes in 2019 when compared to that a year ago, of which mobile services recorded the highest number of disputes at 60pc, whereas broadband made up 24pc, fixed-line services made up 11pc and others including calling cards, 5pc.

*Khalid, (name changed), a father of three, is currently working from home. He says “It is necessary to have highspeed data, otherwise there is really no point of all these offers. Including my children’s e-learning and my work, we all depend on it and slow connections just spoil everything.

There are also people enjoying this free flow of data to make tik-tok videos and stay-at-home challenges by the minute. *Sarita, (name changed), a stay-at-home mom of two, is very irritated with these, saying “My children make 7-8 tik-toks a day, and are always filming some prank. I can’t threaten to not pay the wifi bill anymore because they know it’s free.”


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