Around 21% Bahraini Citizens Earn More Than BD1,000

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Take-home pay for 21% of the Bahraini workforce in the Kingdom’s public and private sector establishments are BD1,000, a new report has said.

The report by Social Insurance Organisation (SIO) also finds that the majority of the highest-paid Bahrainis are working in the private sector. As per the data, of the total 31,537 highest paid Bahrainis, 17,004 are working in private sector companies, while 14,533 are in government bodies.

Pay scale for 14,413 Bahrainis is in the BD800 to BD999 range, of which 4,833 are in the private sector and 9,580 in the public sector. Another 22,491 employees are in BD600 to BD799 salary class of which 8,625 are in the private sector and 13,866 in the public sector.

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The report also reveals that a total of 33,590 Bahrainis are paid between BD400 to BD599 a month, which includes 19,929 in the private sector and 13,661 in the public sector. 45,427 employees are earning less than BD400 a month, which is a total of 37pc of national employment in both sectors.

The report also points out that there are 3,015 Bahraini employees, both in private and public sectors, who are earning less than BD200. In total, there are 147,458 Bahrainis employed in both sectors out of which 88,293 are males, and 59,165 are females. BD853 is the average wage.

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Source: DT News


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