Around 30 Expats, 40 Omanis Jailed For Stealing Public Funds

The Public Prosecution had initiated an investigation into the incident, which resulted in the death of a girl, and questioned the accused and ordered him to be held in custody.
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Oman has sentenced 70 people to jail after being found guilty of stealing public funds and property, according to a local press in Oman.

Times of Oman reported that Oman’s Public Prosecution announced the sentencing, with 40 expats and 30 Omanis having been accused of crimes related to the Sultanate’s public funds in the first half of 2018.

The news outlet quoted an official at the Public Prosecution as saying: “Public funds include everything that is owned by the country and is allocated for public use. It includes roads, government buildings and lands, real estate that belongs to the government, zakat, orphanages and money for minors and endowment funds, among other things.

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“Interfering with public funds is considered a crime and anyone who misuses public money will be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Punishments for such acts vary depending on the precise nature of the crime, ranging from a jail term of three years to 15 years.