Asian Couple Jailed For Using Fake Passports To Enter Bahrain

An Asian couple was sentenced to three years in prison each and immediate deportation for entering Bahrain using fake passports.

They arrived in the UAE with valid passports from Malaysia, which were not actually theirs.

They were matched to the photos on both passports since their features were similar in appearance.

Accordingly, the passports were officially stamped at the Bahrain International Airport, and the two defendants were able to enter the kingdom.

They stayed in Bahrain for three days before returning to their home country using the same passports.

However, this time, the airport staff had some doubts, and they were confirmed to not be the true holders of the passports.

The couple admitted to impersonating other identities to enter Bahrain, as they had heard that their country’s passport poses a risk.

They were arrested and sent to trial.


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