Asian Man Imprisoned In Bahrain For Circulating Counterfeit Saudi Notes

An Asian man was sentenced to one year in prison and ordered permanent deportation from Bahrain after being convicted of circulating counterfeit Saudi Riyal notes worth SR500.

The suspect was accused of bringing the counterfeit currency into Bahrain in 2023 and using it for transactions in two commercial stores.

The incident occurred when an employee at a supermarket reported the suspect’s purchase of rice worth BD3.5, paying SR500.

However, the employee discovered that the currency was counterfeit. The suspect attempted to flee but lost his sandals.

The suspect went to another store and purchased goods worth BD6, paying SR500, but the salesperson returned BD44 without confirming its authenticity.

The suspect then returned and made another purchase of goods worth BD6, which resembled the counterfeit currency he had given him.

The salesperson asked the suspect to wait, but the suspect grew suspicious and attempted to flee. He was apprehended and handed over to the police.


News of Bahrain
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