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Ask AJQ: I decided to have my own villa built instead of buying, therefore a contractor was hired and we both signed a Contractor’s Agreement. One of the terms of the agreement was that the contractors will be paid in installments, after finishing each part of the construction. After a few months of work, when half the undertaking was nearly completed, the contractor requested for the remainder of the outstanding balance to finish the construction of the villa. I agreed to this, only to find that once the contractor received the outstanding balance the work on the villa ceased. I repeatedly demanded that the contractor finish the job, but he has now requested that I provide him with further funds, stating the work agreed upon in the contract is already completed. On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite, what should I do? I am really stressed.

Answer: In these types of cases you are required to file a law suit to substantiate your position in the court of Urgent Matters, demonstrating that the work done by the contractor was in accordance with the mutual agreement between both of you, as well as to determine the value of the work completed. Thereafter, the court will appoint an expert to inspect the quantity and quality of the work that has been completed and not completed at the construction site.

After receiving the report, you should file a civil lawsuit demanding the monetary amounts the contractor received, as he is in breach of the terms of the Contractor’s Agreement. Moreover, you could seek compensation, for the damages and harm caused to you as a result of the contractor’s failure to complete the work.

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