Ask AJ – Foreign Inheritance in Bahrain

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Question: My husband and I are both Non-Muslim British Nationals and long-time residents of Bahrain. Having decided to retire in this country, we bought a property on Amwaj Island. However, I have been told that upon my husband’s demise the property will not automatically revert to me, instead it will be shared amongst our children and I will only receive a small portion as my share. I am concerned about this as I feel it puts me in an insecure position. I contributed financially to the purchase of the house and our children are married with homes of their own in the U.K. and have no desire to live in Bahrain.Could you please clarify the inheritance laws in Bahrain.

AJ Answer: Following Bahrain’s Code of Procedures and in the event of your husband’s death, the first thing to do, is to file a lawsuit to claim your inheritance from your deceased spouse’s estate.The lawsuit will be referred to the High Civil Court which has the jurisdiction and competence to decide all disputes relating to the personal status of non-Muslims (as in your case).

It  should be noted, that the
appointment of heirs and the determination of the shares of inheritance and the devolution of the funds will be decided by the provisions of the law of the country of the deceased, in your case the U.K.  The High Civil Court will then review the matter and provide it’s ruling at its own discretion of the distribution of the inheritance, based on the law of the U.K. I hope this puts your mind at rest.

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