Australian Bushfires – What You Need to Know?

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Australia’s temperature has been rising by 1 degree Celsius since the past century. This rising temperature paves way for heatwaves and droughts which increases the chance of wildfires.

The wildfires that impact extensive areas, destroy flora and fauna, damages properties and even cause the death of people.

Today, Australia is experiencing one of the worst bushfires in history. Fires are not new in the region, but the ones that started in 2019 is continuing to burn in the south-east region and are spreading across causing devastation and chaos. As reported on January 14, around 25.5 million acres were burnt, 5,900 buildings destroyed and at least 29 people killed. The bushfires, regarded the worst in the memory of the state, has wiped out around one billion animals and have increased the chances of driving endangered species to extinction. 

The state of New South Wales is hit the hardest this time with more than 100 fires still burning across the state. Some of the fires have been contained but the major ones are continuing with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Dry weather contributes to the fire season every year, making it easy for blazes to start and spread.

Though the fires started due to natural factors, police have charged around 24 people in November for deliberately starting wildfires.

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The authorities are putting in all efforts to combat the fire crisis. More than 2000 firefighters are working on grounds of NSW alone and additional support from the US, Canada, and New Zealand are also being sent for help. Military assistance including army personnel, aircraft of the air force and navy cruisers are also in the struggle to stop these fires and help in evacuation, search and rescue.

Australia is only halfway through the summer season and is months away from relief. The latest reports say that Australia is experiencing severe thunderstorms but it is not still sure if this would save the state from the plight as there is uncertainty if the rain will fall where it’s needed the most in the coming days. According to reports, unsettled weather is expected in the next four to five days.


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